Tips for cleaning windows

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We all know that throughout the year, both internal and external sides of the home windows accumulate dirt, dust and other contaminants that obscure the view.

How to Clean Windows Without Streaks | Pella Windows & DoorsOver time, all that dirt accumulates and forms layers that not only prevent us from seeing, but also spoil the appearance of our homes.Washing windows is one of the most unpleasant and tedious tasks for each housewife. The reason for this is that the glass surfaces are dirty too easily but at the expense of cleaning becomes difficult and often the results are not at all impressive. That’s why we offer a few tips that will help you fight more easily and efficiently with dirt, and get perfectly clean and shiny glass.

A good time for washing

Strange as it sounds, the best time for washing windows is clouded. The reason lies in the fact that the sun causes the windows to dry out faster and thus may remain traces of water or detergent.

Good detergent

A totally wrong perception is that to clean glass surface well, you must necessarily expensive preparation. In fact, you can prepare quality cleaning fluid even at home.For easier washing windows you can prepare a solution of warm water and apple cider vinegar in a 1: 1 ratio, the liquid can be poured into old bottle of detergent pump. It only needs to be well shaken and then spray the glass.Another very effective tool for cleaning windows is a mixture of baking soda, salt and water. To prepare this solution, add three tablespoons of salt and the same amount of soda in three cups of hot water.

How to Clean Windows

Wiping the glass

No matter how strong is your cleaning detergent, improper wiping the glass may undermine your entire work. Here help comes microfiber cloth. It must be clean and dry, otherwise, you risk your glasses again to gloss over.Wiping the washed window with napkins or newspapers generally have satisfactory results. It is necessary first to spray the window with detergent and then clean it thoroughly with a towel. Finally, wipe with paper. You’ll be surprised by the perfect cleanliness and shine of your recently dirty windows.Some hosts think that the windows will be clean and shiny again if you add a little detergent in the water. That job would you run even toothpaste.And last but not least – be careful when cleaning windows. If you use the stems or chair, make sure they are fastened securely. Beware of wasps and their nests are often found around the windows of the house.

Window cleaning is a labor intensive work and takes a lot of your time. If you prefer to use your days off to something more enjoyable than cleaning windows call the cleaning company. There are many agencies that offer excellent quality at affordable prices. They provide various services including windows cleaning.

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